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Nicole + Justin | Quincy Cellars | Concourse of Union Station | Erie Pa

An unexpected adventure is how one could put into words what the last few years have been Nicole and Justin. Their definition of adventure is the pursuit of happiness through shared navigation of the experiences of life. At the end of it all, what is life if not shared with others, and what is there to seek in life but happiness?

The story starts with a boy and a girl interning in the sunset capital of the Midwest to learn more about the field of engineering with the help of GE Transportation. Boy meets girl. Girl doesn’t remember meeting boy. They proceed to meet again and the boy is impressed with the girl’s Frisbee skills. This time she remembers. The summer goes by and after a farewell dinner at Chick-Fil-A, the two go back to their respective colleges to finish their degrees.

Fast forward one year.
Both the boy and girl decide Erie wasn’t so bad and they liked their jobs, so they accept full time offers to return to GE Transportation to complete more training in the Greek alphabet and among other things, the Edison program. Justin being the social butterfly he is, graciously takes the crown of event organizer and drags Nicole along on all his crazy adventures, when she’s in town that is…from white water rafting to hair-band cover bands, the notorious stump incident, and the events that led to Justin’s red Subaru being dubbed the Titanic.

In all of these shenanigans, were little glimpses of the chemistry between the two of them (as oblivious as they were to it). Cue the day when Nicole was walking down the Ave at work and saw Justin promptly triple-take. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, a triple-take. Apparently red is her color. Justin felt compelled to walk over and tell Nicole how beautiful she looked. Not something he had ever done to anyone before in his life. It wasn’t that Justin had never seen her before, they’d known each other for a significant amount of time at this point. That moment was not the over dramatized Hollywood scene where the spot light appears on a woman across the room and the man’s heart describes crossing paths as nothing other than destiny, but it was a turning point for Justin who, at that moment, knew he had met someone who would never stop surprising him.

Several months later after Nicole and fellow classmates failed to set Justin up with someone, Nicole decides she’s had enough and, with the help of some wine, has the gumption to send a text “Out of curiosity, what do you want?” followed by “From a girl. What are you waiting/looking for?” It took everything Justin had to not type back three simple letters “you”, but instead proceeded to describe in 137 words a girl that was Nicole while still leaving it up to interpretation. Who said boys weren’t complicated.

After surviving another day of work (but not really working because they were both consumed with getting answers from the other), they sat down in Nicole’s car and figured out the girl Justin was waiting for was indeed Nicole, and so began substitution of words like “me” with “we” and “ours” for “mine”. Thus began the chapter of theirs lives entitled “Justin AND Nicole.”

To paraphrase Newton, once something is put into motion there is no stopping it. It took 16 days from the point of Justin getting into that car to him knowing he had found his wife. Nicole and Justin had lunch dates over the next couple weeks, but walking out of Calamari’s on that 16th day on State Street after their third date, there was no question about who he was waiting for. The boy and the girl had found a new definition of happiness that is impossible to put into words or describe to anyone else who isn’t involved, but when one person can have such a profound effect on another, there is no other way of describing it as anything but love.

A year and a song later, with the aid of a diamond passed down from his grandfather, Justin got down on one knee surrounded by their new definition of family and it was Nicole who proudly answered with 3 letters: “Yes!”

Ceremony- Quincy Cellars

Reception- Concourse of Union Station

Florist- Joel’s Flower Shoppe

DJ- Henry GQ

Cake- Jen Shaffer Cakes

Limo- La Grand Elite Limousine

Dress- Bridals By Sandra

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