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Erin + David Married | Erie Ambassador | Erie Pa Wedding Photographer

Erin and David met through mutual friends at Allegheny College, where they both attended as Biology majors and Psychology minors. While it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when they first laid eyes on eachother, Erin recalls being Dave’s Microbiology TA and always thinking he was pretty cute. The couple didn’t officially start dating until November 14, 2009 where they had their first date over a plate of french fries! It was love at first bite! After that night, the couple was inseparable.

David surprised Erin with a stop at Allegheny College on their way back to Pittsburgh from a visit with Erin’s family after Christmas. The couple loves to stop at their alma mater, when they can, to take walks around the beautiful campus and reminisce about their time spent together there. It was a perfectly clear, starry night, with a fresh layer of white snow on the ground. Absolutely stunning. The couple strolled around campus talking of all that has changed since their time at Allegheny and about all of the exciting things that would be to come. As they walked down the brick path, towards Brooks Hall, David got down on one knee and proposed, completely surprising Erin! After a few happy tears and a joyful, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?”, Erin said YES and Dave made her the happiest girl in the world!

Ceremony- St. George Church

Reception- Ambassador

Dj- Gregory Anderson

Cake- Dolce Vita Desserts

Dress- David’s Bridal

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Kasey & Chris Married | Erie Pilot House | Erie Wedding Photographers

Kasey and Chris owe their friends Peggy and Mark the world.  If it weren’t for them they would not even know each others names.

Peggy was Kasey’s preceptor in clinical at Hamot. Mark was Chris’s Junior High basketball coach. In the summer of 2011 Peggy and Mark were at Rum Runners listening to a band that Chris happened to be the guitarist for.  During a set break Chris came to say hello to Mark and was introduced to Peggy.  She asked Chris if he had a girlfriend and he said no, she said “do you want one”. Peggy told Kasey about this guy she met and how Kasey had to meet him.  She told Kasey how nice he was and insisted on a first date.

A few weeks later on August 1, 2011 they went on a blind date. Peggy and Mark joined Kasey and Chris at Rum Runners so that this blind date wasn’t as awkward as most blind dates are. Kasey seriously did not think this would go anywhere and went to satisfy Peggy so she would quit talking about him, haha. Chris had a friend on speed dial just incase the date was a total fail and Kasey turned out to be a big ugly whale!   This is not a joke, just ask Chris!!! To this day Kasey still picks on Chris for the first thing other than “hello” that came out of his mouth.  He shook her hand and said “are you sure you’re not going to need a bigger chair?”  Kasey was in shock thinking ‘did this guy just call me fat?’  Chris must have seen the look on her face because he quickly said “I didn’t mean it like that!!!  Look at your chair!!!”  Kasey looked down and did realize she had one of he smallest chairs on the deck and Chris quickly got her a chair with a higher back that was more comfortable. They had a great time that night and learned a lot about each other.  Peggy and Mark went home and Kasey and Chris ended their night with a walk to the tower on Dobbin’s Landing.

On January 22, 2014 Chris and Kasey went to lunch at The Cove.  During lunch it was a really sunny day and Chris asked Kasey if she wanted to take a walk to the tower before going home.  They were standing in front of the tower looking out at the ice fishermen and talking about how cold it was.  She even threatened to throw him in the icy water!  The next thing she knew he was on one knee asking her to spend the rest of their lives together!  The tower is also where the couple went on the night they met and where they shared their first kiss.  This is a very meaningful spot for them! Chris had it set up with Kasey’s best friend, Betsy, who is a photographer to hide and capture the whole thing on camera.  How they both kept such a secret Kasey will never know! Chris proposed with his Great Grandma Gert’s ring.  This ring is from the 1920′s.  It is her original ring with some extra platinum wiring and two small diamonds added to sides of the ring.

Ceremony- St. Andrews

Reception- Pilot House

Dj- Chris Hall

Florist- Gary’s Flower Shoppe

Cake- Yvonne May

Dress- Bridal Elegance

Video- Corey Graham

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October 30, 2014 - 11:02 pm

Carol Stanford - One of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen.

October 31, 2014 - 12:57 am

Tricia Lebanno - All I can say is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

Jenna + Ryan Married | Erie Pa Wedding Photographer


I’m really not sure what made Ryan ask me to homecoming my freshman year of high school. I remember how excited I was to be going to my first dance with this cute older boy, how every time I saw him in the hallway my face would get hot and I would look the other way. I know my parents were nervous when he pulled up in the Camaro with a corsage and a little grin but luckily they let me go and they have grown to love Ryan like a son. I still remember the corsage on my wrist and how excited I was that he had picked it out for me. This was the first of many flowers Ryan would give me over the years. After that first dance, Ryan and I continued talking almost every night. It’s been so long now that I can’t really remember what we used to spend hours talking on the phone about, I’m sure most of it was pointless but it brought us here today. Our love began through notes passed in the hallway, basketball games and sitting around in our friend’s living rooms. It began when life was simple and our biggest worries were running out of texts on our data plan and what movie to watch on a Saturday night. I went to almost every high school dance with Ryan and it’s hard to believe that soon we will be dancing together on our wedding day. Since Ryan was older than I was he went to college while I stayed behind in high school. During this time I really couldn’t have asked for a better boyfriend, sometimes he would surprise me with a trip home in the middle of the week just for a hug and to talk for a little while. Throughout our entire relationship I have been, and continue to be amazed at the efforts Ryan makes. Most people will say that they are marrying their best friend. That statement could not be truer for me, Ryan and I have grown up together and grown closer through all the challenges we have faced both separately and as a couple.  I feel so lucky to be marrying someone that knows me better than I know myself, someone who still surprises me with their kindness and most importantly someone who I know will love me as we grow old together. I don’t know how fate works and most people don’t meet the person they’re going to spend their lives with in high school, but I did and I couldn’t be happier that I did.

Ceremony- St. Luke

Reception- Nick’s Place

DJ- House Rockers DJ

Florist- Joel’s Flower Shoppe

Cake- Cindy’s Let Them Eat Cake

Dress- David’s Bridal

Suit- Men’s Wearhouse

Hair/Makeup- Coventina Day Spa

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Ashley + Tuan Married | Erie Warner Theatre | Erie Wedding Photographer

Ashley’s Story…

One day my mom came to me with a very serious concern, she couldn’t stop biting her nails! She tried everything to stop but she felt that the only thing that would work is if she got acrylic nails to help deter her from the nasty habit! Now being in the beauty industry myself, I have always heard what nail salons in Erie were good, just okay, and what salons needed to be condemned as soon as possible. Everyone always seemed to talk about one place in particular, describing it as the most magical place in the Millcreek Mall (Magical Nails), and everyone seemed to talk about one person there in particular, Tuan. Number eight, the hot, spiky haired one in the back corner that does amazing designs.
So off to the mall we went. We went into the salon and both of us decided to get our nails done that day. I wish I could say that it was love at first sight but neither of us felt like that. I always thought he was cute and fun but I never thought in a million years he would ever think of me like that. I continued to go to him and we always seemed like we got along, we would laugh and talk from the moment I walked into the salon until the moment I walked out. He was a great guy and so caring about everything, I knew he was special. As the years passed, life seemed to happen to the both of us. Some good and some bad, but because the bad happened it seemed to bring us closer and closer together. We started talking more and more and soon we became inseparable.
Now, we are closer then ever and we still share that fun bond that I’ve never had with anyone else ever before. Anyone who knows the both of us, always says that we make a great couple. We both care so much about others that it’s no surprise we are as close as we are. Whenever I know I’m going to see Tuan, I know I’m going to be laughing. I could literally go on and on about how amazing he is but if you are here with us today, you already know what I am talking about. He is genuinely an amazing, caring, creative, passionate human being and I consider myself very lucky to be in his presence everyday!

Tuan’s Story…

I had 1 rule, “Never talk about Fight Club” I mean…”Never date a client of mine.” I made this rule up over 11 years ago. Ashley was a client of mine, therefor Ashley is a rule breaker. Now this is where I could go into telling you about our serendipitous love story but I’d quickly run out room on this page. For anyone willing to read through all of that, the book will be available soon. So to make a long story slightly less long… Like any great relationship, ours was first built on a strong foundation of friendship. It took us several years for our love to blossom, or perhaps for us to realize what was already there. When I learned how passionate and caring Ashley was, and how much fun I had just talking to her, I knew I needed her in my life.
(I know, cliche right?) After we started dating it was quite clear she was even more than I could ever imagine. I always knew she was beautiful and fun, but she also treats me like a prince. Even now, years later I can genuinely tell that she wakes up everyday with the intention of making my life easier and better. (You know, the little things.) We all know it’s easy to love when you’re happy, but she has shown me she loves me even when we are not.

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October 8, 2014 - 7:12 pm

Debbie Karmazin - One amazing day captured by beautiful pictures and great memories,most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen

October 8, 2014 - 11:52 pm

Cheri Corvaglia - Truely Amazing !!

October 9, 2014 - 5:26 pm

Shari Rosa - It’s was beautiful! Congrats Tuan #8! Great pics too!

Elizabeth + Peter | Longue Vue Club | Pittsburgh Wedding

Liz grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After graduating from high school, she attended Haverford College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. During her sophomore year, she met Peter and they bonded over movies with friends, despite his pink polo shirt.Liz returned to Pittsburgh to work, and then relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to attend graduate school at Emory University. Peter followed shortly after. Liz is currently an Environmental Epidemiologist for a health department in Atlanta, and practices photography in her free time.

Pete grew up in Bethesda, Maryland, and lived in Kansas City, Kansas during high school. After high school he also attended Haverford College, where he played lacrosse. Between all of the practices and games, Pete and Liz started dating eight years ago. After college, Pete returned to the DC area to work, and then moved abroad to the UK. Pete attended graduate school at Durham University and continued to play lacrosse. Peter now works as a technology insurance underwriter in Atlanta, and coaches lacrosse at a local high school.

In the summer of 2013, Peter and Liz joined Liz’s extended family for their annual vacation at Surfside Beach, South Carolina. Pete mentioned wanting to get up early to watch the sunrise one morning, and Liz was suspicious at the time.

At 5:30 in the morning, Liz pulled on her most comfy beach clothes and tried to keep her eyes open. Her not-a-morning-person brain wasn’t awake enough to be the least bit suspicious. When Peter started talking about their lives together and got down on one knee, it still took Liz a minute to realize what was happening. She may have said “Really?” at first, but once she realized Pete asked her to marry him, of course she said “Yes!”

They spent the day in the sun celebrating with their family and sharing the news with our other family members and friends.

Videographer: Elite Film Productions 
Officiant: Rev. Renee Waun 
Petit Four Bakery: Potomac Bakery 
Dress: Watters 
Dress Purchased At: Le Dress Boutique 
Shoes: Coach 
Bridal Jewelry: J.Crew 
Groom’s suit: custom by Sid Mashburn 
Bridesmaid Dresses: Ann Taylor 
Bridesmaid Jewelry: For the Maids 
Engagement Ring: Ascot Diamonds
Wedding Bands: Solomon Brothers 
Wedding Invitations: Coppia Creativa 
Other Paper Products: Paper Source  & Paper Presentation


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